Update - Lorya, Kaiser buffs; Legend Raid

Gönderen Konu: Update - Lorya, Kaiser buffs; Legend Raid  (Okunma sayısı 27 defa)


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Update - Lorya, Kaiser buffs; Legend Raid

Hero Changes

  1. Greeneye
    • Poison Bramble: Damage greatly increased.
  2. Lorya
    • Wind Defense: Greatly increased magic resist boost for self and allies.
    • Energy Wing: Will now periodically boost its own AP.
  3. Kaiser
    • Kaiser Hurl: Will prioritize enemy mid-row targets.
    • Beast Spirit: Greatly increased magic resistance for iAnimal Group teammates.
  4. Pyre
    • Fixed a bug preventing Nirvana from triggering properly when Pyre receives a silence or knockback effect.

Update Content

  1. When an Alliance passes all Team Raid stages, they will unlock Legend Raid. Legend Raid has a total of 10 powerful bosses. Slay the boss to get Forge Speed Clocks and Alliance Honor. The more bosses you slay, the more rewards you get. Boss HP resets every Monday.
  2. Improved how Talent Level is displayed. Now when the level cap is reached, it will show as Lv. Max.

Source: In-game mail on test servers.

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Source: Update - Lorya, Kaiser buffs; Legend Raid

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