Update - Angela Awakening; Purple equip reforges

Gönderen Konu: Update - Angela Awakening; Purple equip reforges  (Okunma sayısı 19 defa)


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Update - Angela Awakening; Purple equip reforges

Hero Changes

  1. Angela Awakening:
    • Pestilence Bomb: When an allied hero casts a healing debuff skill, Angela will launch a Pestilence Bomb at the enemy hero with the highest HP, dealing physical damage. In Cruise mode, the Pestilence Bomb deals continuous damage, stacking up to 5x.

Update Content

  1. Elite Dungeon is open up to Layer 50, and Purple +1 Reforge material is available.
  2. Improved the order in which material for Commander equipment is spent.

Reforged items

Old Equip New Equip New Skill
Unstable Plasma Fission Plasma Trigger an electric blade effect every 3 attacks. Enemy receives magic damage. Deals increased damage to summoned units.
Phantom Blade Specter Blade Increase AD & AP according to current hero level. Each skill cast will additionally boost one's attack speed. Stacks up to 5x.
King's Blade Kingsword Active: Specify a target to deal magic damage and regen some health. In next 5s, the hero will regen HP based on a percentage of damage taken by target.
Spirit Urn Mithril Urn Increases the amount of healing a hero gives. Excess healing will be converted into a shield with a 30s cooldown.
Scepter of Life Birth Wand Increases AP and Max HP according to hero level. When one's HP is below 30%, it will lower damage received.
Sapphire Scepter Dawn Scepter Increases AP & Magic Resistance according to current hero level. AP damage will also lower enemy attack speed. Stacks up to 3x.
Healing Cloak Healing Cloth Increases healing effect received (includes healing and lifesteal effects). When HP is below 30%, for 5s healing received will be boosted. Triggers only once per battle.
Sebastian Shield Kingdom Shield Active: Adds a shield to nearby allies which boosts their AD & AP while intact. When the shield is broken, it lowers nearby enemy AD & AP.
Gold Armor Platinum Armor Continuously regens hero HP during battle. Lowers crit damage received and greatly boosts HP regen speed for a short time after. 30s CD between triggerings.

Source: In-game mail on test servers.

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Source: Update - Angela Awakening; Purple equip reforges

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